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Welcome to MIG-Tech Lab, a hub of scientific inquiry and exploration. Founded in 2017 by a dedicated group of researchers, our origins can be traced back to the pioneering work conducted with subtle energy in the USSR during the 1980s.


Following their relocation to the United States in the late 1980s and early 1990s, our esteemed scientists pursued various avenues of research, each contributing to the rich tapestry of our intellectual heritage. From these pursuits, Vital Force Technology emerged as a groundbreaking innovation led by Yury Kronn. This technology, rooted in the manipulation of vibrating gas-discharge plasma, serves as the cornerstone of our Multidimensional Light Imaging technology, collectively known as MIG Technology.


At MIG-Tech Lab, our ethos is one of humble exploration and rigorous inquiry. We are committed to unraveling the mysteries of the universe through meticulous experimentation and observation. Our research endeavors, centered on non-linear light-matter interactions, seek not only to expand the boundaries of human knowledge but also to foster a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of nature.


Registered in Delaware, MIG-Tech Lab Inc. operates as a non-profit organization, driven by a commitment to advancing science for the betterment of society.


Join us on our journey as we continue to revolutionize the world of technology and beyond.


Our revolutionary Light Technology harnesses the power of non-linear light-matter interaction, a sophisticated process that allows the transfer of distinctive light and ether qualities which cannot be achieved through traditional means. This unique capability opens new possibilities for companies and researchers seeking to enhance their products with unique characteristics. By utilizing this non-invasive approach, Light Technology can replicate essential qualities from rare products and seamlessly transfer them to another carrier. This ensures that the intrinsic value and exceptional features of rare items can be preserved and integrated into other products, providing an unparalleled advantage in the market. Whether you aim to elevate the performance, appearance, or functionality of your offerings, Light Technology presents an innovative and effective solution for achieving these goals.


Light Technology offers effective solutions to help you better adapt to the growing electromagnetic radiation pressure from all directions. Our technology enhances the cozy and ergonomically designed environment of your living and working spaces, creating a healthier atmosphere with “good vibes.” In the agricultural sector, Light Technology provides a novel application for boosting crop production and increasing sustainability, ensuring more reliable food delivery. By enhancing each herb’s informational patterns, Light Technology restores their lost potency and full beneficial effects. By capturing the vibrational energy patterns of the purest natural waterfalls and by combining them into a single holographic pattern of “live” water, Light Technology brings the essence of nature’s best directly to you. Also, this technology can create entanglement in macroscopic systems. This breakthrough opens up new avenues for applications and further enhances the potential benefits of Light Technology for our clients.


To complement our innovative Light Technology and projects, we offer a range of tailored services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. We encourage potential clients to contact us via email to schedule their first free one-hour consultation. This initial consultation allows us to better understand their specific requirements and explore optimal solutions that Light Technology can provide. Our expertise enables us to suggest various applications of technology to address their needs. First, we can process their products directly in our MIG-Tech Lab, ensuring the highest quality results. Second, we offer the option to process essential components of their products in the lab and then return these enhanced components to them. Third, for clients seeking more integrated solutions, we can build a customized processing unit at their premises, enabling on-site application of our technology.

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