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Introduction to
Light Technology MIG

Light Technology MIG (multidimensional imaging) results from over 30 years of research and development accomplished by an international group of pioneering scientists and is the next generation and further development of Vital Force Technology.


Given, we all live in a vibrational world (everything in this world is permeated by different kind of waves), if one knows how to deliver specific vibrations to a human body, various beneficial effects could be conveyed to support that person’s well-being. Researchers, like Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife, Wilhelm Reich, and others, have successfully used numerous electromagnetically-produced frequencies to help people heal from a variety of ailments. It is hypothesized these methods were effective because  some “special” energy is delivered to the human body along with the flow of electromagnetic waves. During the course of its many years of research, the Vital Force Technology (VFT) team suggested the observed healing effects might be because of the so-called “subtle energy” that accompanies electromagnetic waves. To check this hypothesis, VFT team experimented with the low-temperature plasma of a gas discharge vibrated with different frequency patterns, recording the flow of subtle energy with sophisticated acoustic equipment. After filtering out any electromagnetic noise, they found several subtle energy patterns especially beneficial for human health.

Further VFT development allowed them to capture information-rich energy patterns emitted from a variety of physical objects, including gemstones, plants, and pharmaceutical drugs. Projecting these patterns on an object provided it with the subtle energy qualities of the original recording. A variety of experiments conducted with genes, human cells, plants, animals, and people showed that information-rich energy blueprints recorded with the equipment using frequencies characteristic of the sound region of vibrations delivers both energy and information that might belong to the “blueprints of subtle energy.”

As a continuation of this research, the MIG-Tech Lab team had been focused on the vibrational spectrum of visible light, instead of an approach based on low-frequency sound waves. The team’s interest in light wasn’t based only on the biblical statement concerning The Light (“And God saw that the light was good“), but also on light’s non-linear behavior when it interacts with matter. This unique quality of light allows us to capture much more information about non-linear qualities of the recorded object, in comparison with the amount of information you can get using the audio-frequencies spectrum.

Colorless light as a hologram interacts with matter and creates different colors that a re

The first stage of the MIG Technology setup includes several wide-spectrum light sources that create around a tested object a sophisticated holographic image of the direct and reflected light that is recorded and filtered by a hologram-capturing equipment. Then, the resulting dynamic image is getting “programming” with the other MIG-patterns recorded using objects of interest and finally is projected onto the targeted material to provide the latter with the desired qualities.

Comparing the therapeutic effects of the information-rich energy patterns created using Light Technology MIG versus the corresponding VFT patterns, it has been shown that some “subtle energy“ patterns are more effective at increasing a person’s health and well-being when these two methods are combined. This is especially true when the energy-information blueprints are taken from plants. MIG Technology has been found to be more effective in creating a long-lived macroscopic entanglement, an example of which is now being used in electromagnetic radiation-protective devices (i.e., they work by virtue of entanglement with the ionosphere’s Schumann resonance frequencies). The proprietary MIG Technology is also useful for creating equipment sensitive to information-rich energy patterns.


to these extraordinary people and their insights that inspired us

Sri Yukteswar Giri

"In the way toward Divinity, there are seven spheres or stages of creation. These are: the sphere of gross matters, the sphere of fine matters or electric attributes, the sphere of magnetic poles and auras or electricity, the sphere of magnets, the atoms, the sphere of Spiritual Reflections, the sphere of the Universal Spirit, and the sphere of the Eternal Substance. Of these seven planes, the first three comprise the material creation, the kingdom of Darkness, Maya; and the last three comprise the spiritual creation, the kingdom of Light. The sphere of Atom, being in the midst, is said to be the "door" communicating between these two—the material and spiritual creation..."

Johann W. von Goethe

"When the distinction of yellow and blue is duly comprehended, and especially the augmentation into red, by means of which the opposite qualities tend towards each other and become united in a third; then, certainly, an especially mysterious interpretation will suggest itself, since a spiritual meaning may be connected with these facts; and when we find the two separate principles producing green on the one hand and red in their intenser state, we can hardly refrain from thinking in the first case on the earthly, in the last on the heavenly, generation of the Elohim..."

Rudolf Steiner

"We delve deeper into what Goethe wanted, even ascending to the sensory-moral effects of the colors, where, to a certain extent, color disappears from the field of view, and, if I may say so, qualities of spirit, soul, and morality appear. We experience them in the place of red and blue when we are transported into the realm of the soul. It is only then that we actually learn something about the essence of color—when color disappears and something wholly different appears: the beginning of the paths to higher knowledge, which leads us to abandon the separation of subject and object that has no place on a certain level of knowledge, and which instead leads the subject to live into the object..."

Nikolai Kozyrev

"This physical component of time, the time density, can be ‘absorbed’ or ‘radiated’ by substances. So ‘density’ reflects the active property of time. Near the systems in which entropy increases, the density of time increases too. In this process, the order, lost when entropy increases in one system, can be transmitted by changing the density of time to the substance of the detector, increasing its order. So, the elasticity, the conductivity, the work function of electrons (in photo-electronic processes) of the substance changes. Time does not propagate (for example, like electromagnetic waves) but appears at once all over the Universe. That is why the connection through time must be an instantaneous one..."

Yury Kronn

"If we have an abundance of subtle energy everywhere on Earth to support all life, we don’t need special conditions to observe its effects on physical phenomena and inanimate matter. Other factors must be involved in the interactions between subtle energy and the physical world, defining whether a particular type of this interaction happens or not. Is it possible that subtle energy patterns are different in terms of the information encoded in them? An argument for this assumption can be found in the research on an entirely unique property of subtle energy—its ability “to follow commands” of the human mind..."

Wilhelm Reich

"My present work began in the realm of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, with natural scientific investigations of the energy at work in human emotions. This led to the discovery of the bio-energy in the living organism, termed organismic orgone energy; and further to the discovery of the same type of a basically physical orgone energy in the atmosphere. Orgonomy is not psychiatry, but the science of biophysics of the emotions, thus also including psychiatry, and physics in the realm of basic cosmic orgone energy. It is not mysticism, but natural scientific, experimental investigation, also of mystical emotions and experiences. Orgone energy is energy before matter, not after matter, as is atomic energy..."

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