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Some successfully tested applications of Light Technology


Making 5G Work for You

Light Technology MIG offers practical, effective solutions for you to better adapt to the growing electromagnetic radiation pressure bombarding you, both from above and around you. Nature didn’t design the human body with "built-in" protection from 2,3,4G, and especially 5G and coming 6G electromagnetic radiation. Water, a major constituent of our body's cells, has a natural ability to absorb a wide spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations. At the same time, however, water has some unprotected high-frequency windows that potentially leave our body vulnerable. Even subtle electromagnetic signals can penetrate the human body via these transparency windows and possibly lead to a variety of diseases. The 5G-EMF-Guard is a unique device, which gives you the possibility of counteracting the potentially harmful influence of EMF radiation. Its design supports the healthy functioning of the human brain via the body’s network of acupuncture meridians, by using environmental EMF radiation emitted by electronic equipment and satellites in the sky as a source of energy for activating your body’s natural healing and defense abilities.


Features of the 5G-EMF-Guard


The unique features of Light Technology MIG allow for the entangling of the 5G-EMF-Guard stickers with human brainwaves and the body's network of acupuncture meridians. Energy patterns corresponding to five basic elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Metal (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) are used to interconnect with the ionosphere's Schumann resonance frequencies, providing your brain with a non-interrupted and stable connection to the continuum Cosmos-Earth, which ensures your orderly, trouble-free brain functioning and well-being. It should be noted the 5G-EMF-Guard will not interfere electromagnetically with any electronic equipment you use, leaving its functionality intact.


Your House's Feng Shui

The cozy and ergonomically-designed environment of the place where you live (and possibly work) can be further enhanced and optimized with a healthier atmosphere and “good vibes” provided by Light Technology MIG. We all know art adds beauty and uplifting, soul-expanding energy to our lives. The Art-Energy team has developed a novel approach to the connection between art and the viewer by adding specially selected vibrational light patterns to each painting in the Energy Infused Painting Collection. The “energy-enriched” pieces of art presented in the collection can help transform any room with their enlivening and refreshing elegance in line with Michelangelo's saying: "The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."


Additionally, Light Technology MIG paves the way for the light enhancement of any object in your house or office, providing your living space with not only stimulating and revitalizing energies, but also protecting you from numerous unhealthy or detrimental environmental influences, including electromagnetic radiation.


Technological Feng Shui


When investigating the possibility of enhancing the ancient practice of Feng Shui, the Art-Energy team looked at the essential elements of MIG technology is based upon. Given we are capturing the broad spectrum of holographic energetic blueprints accompanying every physical object, and then enhancing and filtering these blueprints from environmental noise, and projecting them back into whatever materials are selected—in this case, the art objects and other furnishings and accessories of your home—our team recognized it’s possible to create an invisible holographic Feng Shui in your house or office space that will enhance your living and/or working environment with a truly beneficial boost of harmony and energetic support.


Uplifting Agriculture

Nowadays, to meet the increasing food demand of our exponentially growing population, especially amid the severe climate change the world is currently facing, agriculture is experiencing huge challenges. However, in order to help provide less interrupted food delivery, a novel application of Light Technology MIG can help boost crop production and increased sustainability.

Soil depletion, along with environmental pollution and the abuse from chemical additives, makes plants and herbs less efficient and less productive. Light Technology MIG offers a way to restore a plant's or herb's vitality. Pilot experiments with light-structured water used on a variety of plants demonstrated there is an optimal concentration of structured water-clusters with beneficial influence on the plants being used in the studies. These experiments were focused on testing different light-structured patterns in water used in the growing of “old seeds,” i.e., those that are much harder to sprout, as well as the growing of hemp and marijuana (both in the lab and greenhouse environments), and new hemp seeds.


Light Technology Provides Plant Oriented Water Structuring


The results of these experiments demonstrated that, besides the immediate benefits MIG Technology brings to agriculture—such as stronger, faster-growing seeds and seedlings—the higher yield of the crops’ green mass could help with targeting a particular nutrient (for example sugars), with the excessive use of fertilizers, and to regulate crop-damaging insect populations, among other dimensions of agriculture. Experiments with bell peppers, conducted in Israel, showed that this approach allows for growing healthier produce with less chemical fertilizers used.


Reviving Herbal Products

Modern environmental pollution and soil depletion have made many of the herbs used in traditional medicine less efficient than they were centuries ago. Enhancing each herb’s informational patterns with Light Technology MIG allows for the restoration of their lost potency and full measure of their inherent beneficial effects.

"Herbs are integrated into allopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopaths, who embrace herbal treatment, and chiropractors, who often offer herbal dietary supplements." — Herbal Academy’s Advanced Herbal Course.

However, the efficiency of today’s herbal medicine is less effective than it was years ago. Commercially produced medicinal herbs and minerals used by herbalists are often much weaker than those taken from wild plants harvested in the mountains by the medicine men and women from the past. Given that life energy is the foundational healing property of all herbs, it is vital to recognize we can now ameliorate the weakened state of many of today’s herbs through the use of Light Technology MIG.


Reestablishing the Original Strength & Healing Power of Herbs


The holographic treatment used in Light Technology MIG amplifies the life energy in medicinal herbs, remarkably improving time tested traditional herbal formulas by restoring their efficacy for healing. The “know-how” of Light Technology MIG is based on its capacity for capturing the broad spectrum of holographic energetic blueprints accompanying every biological object, including herbs, plants and minerals, enhancing and filtering these blueprints from environmental noise, and infusing them back into the herbs, potentiating their qualities.


Creating Entanglement

Because of light, everything in the Universe is not only enlightened (illuminated by light energy) but also quantum entangled. Entanglement reveals itself via a particular affinity of objects, emotions, ideas, and archetypes. Quantum mechanics defines a principle called quantum entanglement as a state when two quantum particles–electron or photons–can communicate instantaneously no matter how far they are from each other. If one particle holds “knowledge” of something, another particle “knows” it too at the same time. More and more research teams claim to have undoubtedly showed quantum entanglement to be “spooky action at a distance” as Albert Einstein said about it. Physics Today rightly notes, “Although quantum effects are most easily observed in tiny objects, quantum mechanics is not limited to the atomic scale. In principle, objects of all sizes should behave according to quantum mechanics.“ As was cited it the above-mentioned article, macroscopic systems can be controllable entangled and limitless measured. Two oscillating membranes can demonstrate correlations previously forbidden by classical physics.


Amazing Features of Light Technology


Researchers working with MIG Technology discovered its ability to occasionally create entanglement in macroscopic systems. While researching different holographic patterns and evaluating their effect on people, it was discovered some patterns can create long-living entanglement between objects when these objects are treated in the same holographic environment at the same time. Other scientists have observed comparable results in experiments with specially configured alternating magnetic fields. This unique feature of Light Technology MIG allows for the creation of a set of distinct holographic vibrational patterns, which have the affinity to the same vibrational pattern if it is present nearby. They behave like two magnets, trying to get as close to each other as possible, even if they are separated by other objects. This force of attraction can be measured using scientific instruments, which gives us the possibility of creating new, wholly different, profoundly beneficial kinds of technological and scientific devices.


Reviving Water

Water is a unique substance in many ways. A molecule of water, which combines hydrogen and oxygen, two of the three most abundant elements in the Universe (with helium), is unique because of its non-linear structure. Water, a chemical substance, is the main constituent of all known living organisms and vital for all known forms of life. Because of its non-linear structure, a molecule of water possesses an electrical dipole moment (a measure of a system's overall polarity) and is classified as a polar molecule. Due to its polarity, a molecule of water can form up to four hydrogen bonds with neighboring molecules. This allows for the creation of flat hexagonal structures. In turn, these hexagonal structures of the first order, along with the separate polar water molecules, are able to cooperate together via magnetic dipoles bonds, creating clusters of the higher orders of organization. These bigger clusters are capable of interacting with the external high-frequency waves, including light, changing their form and “memorizing” a particular wave-resonance pattern.

Making Chemically Processed and Industrial Water “Alive” Again!


Nowadays, we almost have no access to truly pure, natural water. Most groundwater contains a significant number of pollutants, such as pesticides, excess minerals and microbiological organisms. Surface waters contain organics and suspended solids that need to be removed before water can be filtered and disinfected. Ocean water contains salt, which must be removed. Virtually all of the processes of water “revitalization” destroy the live essential component the natural water possesses: a high-order structuring that makes water unique in every region of the planet.


Light Technology MIG is capable of collecting vibrational energy patterns of the best and most pure natural waterfalls and then combining them together into one holographic pattern of “live“ water. When added as “structured water” to your water supplies or your drinks, it re-institutes the sophisticated structure of water clusters, which had been lost during any of a number of industrial cleaning protocols.

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